DH2: Driving in the Digital Age

DH2 Chauffeured Transportation, New York City, NY

It makes sense that DH2 Chauffeured Transportation depends on digital technology. Both share a mission of driving people. Digital tools help drive customers to DH2, and DH2, in turn, drives them to their destinations. DH2 also uses technology to run the business.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that CEO Nancy Vargas appreciates and cultivates. Her husband started the company in 1995, and she remembers what it was like to manage the business before the digital age. “We had to track everything with clipboards and spreadsheets,” she said. “Now we’re able to be much more efficient, freeing time to grow the business.”

Vargas has been part of DH2 almost since the beginning, leaving a job with JP Morgan to manage back-office functions while her husband focused on operations. She gradually took on more responsibility and became CEO in 2016, as the company shifted its attention toward winning large contracts in New York as a minority/women-owned business enterprise.

Technology has been integral to their success. DH2 uses Book.limo to take online reservations and Limo Anywhere to dispatch vehicles, book appointments, invoice customers, process payments and interact with 12-14 employees while they’re on the road. Having so many capabilities in digital form improved efficiency.

Samsara, a satellite-based tracking, and video platform, is another valuable asset. It enables DH2 to track cars, monitor inventory, predict arrival times and monitor rider safety, a primary concern. ZipWhip and AddOn give DH2 the ability to update customers about service and ask them to leave online feedback about the services.

DH2 also uses Gmail for communications and the entire G Suite for various functions. The company built a customer relationship management platform into G Suite, and Vargas said it is one of the most important business tools. Through Gmail, she can use the low-cost Streak to track and record online interactions with customers, set reminders and message her team.

DH2 regularly posts content to Facebook and LinkedIn, solicits customer input with Survey Monkey, and uses Mailchimp for marketing to clients, prospects and DH2 affiliates worldwide. “We try to send at least one email a month,” Vargas said, estimating that these activities generate at least 10 percent of the company’s revenue.

“We couldn’t afford to do all of the things we do without Google,” she added. “Increased costs for technology would just provide more barriers to small businesses and entrepreneurs.”