Printed Profits Driven by Digital Tools

Print Syndicate, Columbus, OH

Don’t let the first word in Print Syndicate’s name fool you. The Ohio-based company is as digital as they come, relying on technology to sell more than $50 million in products to consumers who like apparel, housewares and more that memorialize social media trends.

“Our company relies heavily on digital,” CEO James Keller said. “All of our sales are via the web, and we use a number of digital tools to get our designs and our brand in front of consumers.”

In business since 2012, Print Syndicate generates sales under three brands, each with its own website — Look Human, Activate Apparel, and Merica Made. Design teams track social media trends to create unique messages and images that are printed on the products. Print Syndicate has created more than 50,000 designs and makes these available on 50 million unique SKUs.

Digital tools are essential to the company’s sales and marketing because they provide great reach with measurable ROI, which frees Print Syndicate to focus on being creative and investing in creative people. “digital tools have let us stay lean and nimble,” Keller said.

Over half of the traffic to Print Syndicate’s three websites is organic, deriving primarily from natural search and social media sites. Google Analytics and Optimize give the company valuable insights into the interests of consumers so they can target them in the future.

The company showcases its creative designs on Facebook and Instagram. “They have been our most successful paid social media platform,” Keller said. “And we have seen a ton of traffic from social news sites like Reddit and Buzzfeed.’

Behind the scenes, the cloud computing offered through Amazon Web Services keeps the company running smoothly.

Keller attributes the modern flurry of startups in part to digital platforms that lowered the bar for entrance into various markets.